Be ready for how you might feel

Get your friend really relaxed with your touch before you prepare yourself of kissing him. Make sure the feeling is mutual Do not kiss another guy if you are unsure that he wants to kiss you as well. Try creating a mutual interest by flirting with him or by providing a fun atmosphere when talking to him. When both of you are in a bar, for instance, bring your date to a semi-private corner away from the prying eyes and never in your bedroom or hotel room. Let the tension build Once you bring your mate to the kissing spot, continue developing attraction to him with further flirting, teasing, and touching.

Do not go for the kiss right away, but let him know subtly that you want to kiss him.

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Some people I know would think the other person wasn't interested if they didn't receive a kiss at the end or a first date, then again others would wait until the second or third date. Personally I've had dates where I've kissed the guy, and dates where I haven't.